sold-review for: 5280 Cypress Dr , Boulder, CO

This home is a prime example of what proper staging, painting, and landscaping in a hot market can produce.  

Prior to getting this home ready for sale it looked a bit “worn out and weathered”.   I saw the home empty and prior to the work done to prepare it for sale.  Then in its “as is” condition I would have valued it at ~ $650K.  

Appearance makes for great first impressions.  In a limited inventory market a good first impression can mean tens of thousands for a seller. The seller took a few extra weeks and painted the exterior, interior, replaced the carpet, cleaned up the yard, and added some interior staging (approx. cost:  $25,000).

End Result;  $710,000 in 2 days on the market (and the house still backed to Baseline!)

First impressions make all the difference.



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